Nov 14

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedures

wisdom-teeth-extractionSome procedures that you have to know before taking wisdom tooth extraction. By knowing them, you will be able to take any considerations before taking its surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of dental treatment that can be taken for somebody who wants to remove their wisdom tooth. Why is it called as extraction process? The surgeon will remove its wisdom tooth by extracting it. That’s why this oral and maxillofacial surgery is called as extraction task.

There are several procedures that you have to know before taking this surgery. Knowing about them will give you any considerations before deciding to fix this dental service. If you want to know about those procedures, keep reading below! Here are some procedures of this dental surgery.

The First Procedure

First of all, you have to check about your teeth condition. If there are any infections on your teeth, the doctor will delay your surgery process. They will wait it until the infection cleared up. In this case, the doctor or surgeon will give you antibiotics to heal the infection.

After the infection is cleared up, the surgery will be started. Firstly, the doctor will give you the local anesthetic on the area where the tooth will be removed. There is also general anesthetic that may be used especially if your wisdom teeth will be removed at the similar time.

What is the function of its anesthetic? It will help you avoiding pain on the whole body while surgery process. Besides that, it will also prevent you to sleep during its process. Commonly, the doctor will also require you to not eat and drink after midnight on a day before surgery. It will be taken as your preparation of taking the anesthetic.

extraction-of-toothThe Second Procedure

How to remove it? For removing it, the surgeon will open up the tissue of your gum over the tooth. He will also take out the bone that covers the tooth. What he is going to do is separating the tissue that connects tooth and bone. After that, he will remove the tooth. Then, he will cut your tooth being the smaller pieces. It will make him easier to remove your tooth.

What is the last procedure? After it is removed, you will need the stitches. Some stitches can dissolve over time. Meanwhile some of them should be removed after few days. Your dentist will inform you whether it has to be removed. There is also folded cotton gauze pads that can help you stop bleeding on teeth. Finally, those are all some procedures of wisdom tooth extraction.