Apr 24

Tooth Pain and Its Home Remedies

Home-Remedies-for-Teeth-PainTooth pain is various. Sometimes it is not only tooth that need to be cured. Pain in teeth can be a sign of other kinds of disease or health condition. Thus, though it looks very simple, do not ever neglect every pain you have in teeth. The pains you feel can be a sign of gum disease, injury, infection, cracked teeth, and also fillings problem or crowns. Preventive actions are always available, brushing and flossing are two common ways we can do. Regular check to dentist is also important to check whether there is hidden problem or not.

Tooth Pains

First problem that is common to have is teeth sensitivity to too cold or too hot food and beverages. For those who experience this, check your teeth immediately. Possible causes are exposed roots, or loose filling, or there is decayed area in tooth, and also toothbrush abrasion. After dental treatment, you may also have sensitive teeth. This is caused by the inflammation on your pulp tissues which lies inside the tooth. Third problem or tooth pain commonly found is pain when biting food. This is cause by the loose filling or decay, or there is cracked on your tooth. The tooth pain you feel sometimes also comes from the upper part of teeth, near the sinus. For those who have this, check immediately the pain you feel, since it may have something to do with sinus problem.

Tooth Pain Home Remedies

For those who have sensitive skin, regular brushing is a must. Yet, do it maximum twice a day. Use soft brush with toothpaste that is special for sensitive skin. You also can rub the toothpaste to your skin for several minutes to lessen the pain. See doctors if those ways do not work. There are several ways for reducing tooth pain that you can have at home. These ways only reduce the pain. One way is by using clove oil. This is popular for curing and lessens the pain you have. Clove is great as anesthetic properties to fight infection and lessen the pain. It has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agent. For those who have germs infection, consuming onions is great way to do. The anti-microbial agent will help to kill the germs. The last is using asafetida, for those who have bleeding gums. Try these ways for reducing you tooth pain.