Oct 07

Tooth Extraction: Before and After

extraction-of-toothTooth extraction is one that the dentists do for curing problem on your teeth. The reasons to do it are various and also the hopes after extracting the teeth. At least, there are four things that make your dentists pull a tooth from your mouth. Crowded mouth is one reason why the dentist pulls teeth. If the tooth is too big to be in your mouth, they will pull it out, of course with various considerations. Or when the tooth cannot erupt, the dentist will also do tooth extraction. Another thing is teeth infection. Extracting teeth is one way to prevent the spread of the infection. When the infection has not coming yet, for those who have high risk of infection is one of reasons the dentists do extracting. The last one is gum disease, an infection of bones and teeth tissues.

What to Do before Pulling Teeth

Tooth extraction today is very safe, but there are some things to note here. The procedure may trigger bacteria into your bloodstream, infections on gum tissue may also happen. To prevent this thing happens, tell your whole medical history, the supplements or medications you do, and also the antibiotics allergies you may have. Antibiotics will be used before and after the extraction. Tell them also if you have health problem below, liver disease, heart defect, damaged heart valves, problem with immune system, and also having history of having bacterial endocarditis.

What to Do after Extraction

Painkillers are given by the dentist after the extraction, they also give you gauze pad that you need to bite gently yet firmly to stop and reduce the bleeding. Change the pad when it is already soaked in blood. Put the pad after the extraction for three until four hours. Applying ice bag to prevent swelling is also great idea. Avoid rinsing your mouth in 24 hours, after one day then rinsing the mouth with mixture of salt and warm water. When the extraction gets better, floss and brush your teeth regularly, but still avoid the extraction part. This is done to prevent infection. Make yourself relax for one day, limit the activities you do. Within a day, avoid drinking from straw as well, avoiding smoking since it can inhibit the healing. Eating soft food for several days will help your healing. Do this to fasten the healing of tooth extraction.