Sep 04

Teeth with Braces Color: Tips and Steps to Choose

Teeth with braces are various, we used to have traditional braces and today we have ceramic one with various kinds of color. Something that is very interesting for teenagers today.

orthodontist-teeth-bracesTeeth with braces color is interesting, teenagers sometimes use it as cosmetics than for curing problem on teeth. There are at least four kinds of braces we have until now. Metal braces is the oldest one, this also is called as traditional braces. This braces use wires and metal brackets which the size is bigger than the modern one. So that everyone can notice that you use braces, unlike the modern one that is smaller. Second we have ceramic braces that have same shape and size like the previous one. It is the color that different, it has tooth-colored wires and braces to make it less noticeable. Lingual braces are the same like the two braces, but it installed inside. The last is invisalign, which comes in form of plastic aligners.

Steps to Choose

When you see your orthodontist, they have color wheel that can help you to choose which color you want to put on your teeth. You also can search it on internet, but your dentist may not offer the color you find on internet. Remember that every color you choose will be looked lighter when it is applied on your teeth. Teeth with braces color can also come in many different colors in one brace. If you are not sure to combine various colors into one place on your teeth, then try to search suggestion to how to combine it.


Choose colors that suit with the hair and also the color of skin you have. For those who have dark skin, dark colored braces will be fine, and for those who have lighter skin, light color of braces is great for you. Remember that light color or white braces will make your teeth looks yellow, but darker colors will make your teeth whiter. You need to consider these before having teeth with braces color. If you cannot decide which colors you want, bright blue can suit with everyone. For those who want to make their teeth look very white, then choose black color. Purple is also fine to be chosen to make the teeth whiter. If you have decided certain color, and want to change it, you can change it whenever you make appointment with your dentist to get the braces tightened. Well, the most important one is keeping the health of your teeth with braces color.