Sep 15

Placement Braces: Is It hurts even so bad?

teeth-braces-color-for-girlsPlacement and treatment of braces varies depending on factors such as: age, position of the teeth, bone structure of teeth, oral health, and aesthetic desires. Now with new materials and techniques that make them more comfortable and aesthetically.

There are a few lucky ones who can feel proud to have the straight smile, white and healthy. Human remains have yellowish teeth and imperfect due to many causes such as diet deficiency, excess alcohol and coffee, smoking, and even genetic heritage.
However, we should not be satisfied with this. Of course not, cosmetic dentistry has advanced in great strides and now can work wonders for our teeth.

One solution recommended by dentists most commonly wear braces. The conventional method in orthodontics is still basically the same, some have been ruled out, although they are now enhanced with new materials and techniques that make them more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

Treatment of braces varies according to each person, depending on factors such as: age, bone structure of the teeth, the position of the teeth, oral health, and aesthetics.

Treatment lasts from one to two years approximately, as I said, depending on each case. In children and adolescents are easier to handle because their teeth are constantly moving and not hard and fixed as adults. However, the dentist should foresee the appearance of wisdom teeth, because they could push the front teeth.
It takes more time because the already-formed tooth, but the risk of moving teeth is much smaller than in younger people.

The following steps braces treatment (so as not strict):

  1. Diagnosis: dentist will examine your mouth to check the position of your teeth, the presence of cavities, plaque, and any other deficiencies that could interfere with the treatment. (The dentist may use the intraoral camera).
    To learn more, the dentist will give you and to get X-rays of teeth to have a view of the bones of your teeth. In the dental impressions: Plaster copy of your mouth. A gear tray with an elastic dough is placed in each of your jaw. With a little pressure dentists keep it in your mouth for 3 to 5 minutes. This, along with X-rays, is intended to spell out your dental treatment plan.
    Dentists give you a quotation from treatment (braces and other procedures). This is a good time to talk about your expectations and aesthetic preferences.
  2. Cavity fillings: Your teeth should be in perfect condition before collocation braces’. Once the dentist has identified the cavity, if any for the diagnosis and on X-rays.
    Extraction: The worst part, but it is a must. In order to create a gap to make the spaces will be filled by crooked teeth-which does not have enough space dentist must remove four teeth: two upper and two lower incisors.

Prophylaxis and Fluoridation: Your mouth should be clean and free of bacteria. It is the removal of plaque procedure is easy and fluoride application. This can be done manually or with ultrasound.

The placement of braces: The toothpaste every brace to each tooth with a resin. A wire metal arc (gray or transparent) is passed through gaps in the middle of the braces’, which is tied with an elastic small color. Around the upper and lower molars metal band placed to support the brace.