Oct 27

Gingivitis – How to prevent gum disease

prevent-gum-diseaseGingivitis, a form of gum disease which, if left untreated will cause you to lose your teeth. However, Gingivitis is preventable and treatable, and at the end of this article you will know how to prevent this. Having said this, will you still read or just click away and became one of the millions of people who have gum disease and had spent a lot of money on dental care?

As with other forms of dental problems, prevention is the best medicine. After reading this short article you will be able to arm themselves with information about the causes, treatment, and especially, the prevention of these gum problems.
With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life. Healthy teeth and gums, the less risk you have for tooth decay and gum disease.

Signs that you have Gingivitis

Swollen, tender, red gums. – The next time you look in the mirror before brushing your teeth, consider this. Healthy gums should be pink is not rosy.
Gums that bleed easily, even if they are not sick. You can first detect changes in your gums when you see that the fur brush your teeth, pink – a sign that the gums bleed with just a little pressure.
The color changes from pink gums healthy for Dusky red.

Cause gingivitis is the main cause of plaque. Plaque, a sticky film is invisible, composed mainly of bacteria that forms on your teeth when starches and sugars in food interact with bacteria normally found in your mouth. When you brush your teeth, plaque removed but will be back in shape quickly, usually in about a day. Now you know why your mother says you brush your teeth every day!

Gingivitis treatment

Dentists can treat gingivitis in some way, but the first step is to thoroughly clean your teeth, removing all traces of plaque and tartar – a procedure known as scaling. Cleaning can be uncomfortable, especially if you have sensitive gums or you have extensive plaque and tartar buildup. Gingivitis will usually disappear after a professional cleaning as long as you continue to follow the program of good oral hygiene at home. At first your gums may bleed after brushing, but this usually lasts only a few days. If you survive, you’ll see a pink, healthy gum tissue in a short time. You have to practice good oral hygiene for life, however, so the problem does not return your gums. Poorly fitting dental crowns and dental bridges make it more difficult to remove plaque. your dentist may recommend fix this problem as well.

One of the most taken for granted aspects of everyday life is brushing one’s teeth. The length of time that you should brush your teeth should be at least 4 minutes. When brushing in less than 40 seconds, not enough time is spent cleaning the nooks and crannies in between your teeth – and that is where bacteria love to hide!

Oct 22

Treatment for pain relief after wisdom tooth extraction

wisdom-teeth-removal-in-xrayWisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common practice is often carried out in everyone. Teeth appear from behind the gums and the latter to pass between 36 teeth. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one each in every corner.
Wisdom teeth usually grow through the gums in the period from late teens or early twenties. At this time, the remaining 28 adult teeth usually grow in their place so that there is not always enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to adjust properly.

 Because of the gaps or cavities, tooth wisdom can sometimes get out at the corner or bog down and only appear partially. Wisdom teeth that emerged in this way is referred to as the effects of dental pain. Impact of wisdom teeth can also put pressure on nearby teeth or damage your jaw bone. If your wisdom teeth do not appear in a regular way, then after surgical treatment to remove it is a great solution.

When the tooth pain after surgical procedures your wisdom teeth, it is very important to go for the quickest, easiest and preferred treatment of most natural to help you treat your dental pain after wisdom tooth extraction.

Six easy treatment pain relievers after wisdom tooth extraction. No matter what you are looking in the kitchen, be it a pain relief drug for jaw muscle pain, toothache, headache, or even a dry socket, one can only use this easy to use natural remedies mentioned below to heal faster.
1. Apply salt on the area of your tooth extracted and press gently to help it get absorbed cavity. Not only salt helps keep the area clean and kill bacteria, but it also serves as a pain killer that is safe and natural.
2. Rinse your mouth using an antiseptic mouthwash again and again every night before going to sleep at night.
3. Hold an ice pack on the cheek where your operating region, in your mouth.
4. Chew a few pieces of garlic. It is a natural remedy long ago to not only keep your mouth free of infection or bacteria, but it also helps soothe the pain.
5. Aspirin. If you are too severe toothache and becomes unbearable, the above solution does not work that much, try taking tranquilizers old pain, Aspirin, will effectively help you get rid of the pain and save the day.
6. Elevate your head. While sleeping in a bed or sofa, put 2 or more pillows under your head to improve your mouth.

So based on the above treatment solution, now you know what to do and how to treat the pain in the particular area after your wisdom teeth extraction. However, the recovery time varies from person to person, but you can help alleviate toothache and recover more quickly by using a natural solution that is easy.

Oct 16

Abscessed Dental Treatment

The pain you feel for dental abscess or infection might bother your whole day. This disease of course can be prevented and be cured.

Abscess tooth is a disease caused by the growth of bacteria in your teeth. Tooth decay is the common problem that triggers this disease. Well, there are various things that cause this. The infection of this disease is lying between the tooth and the gum, and also in the root of teeth. Tooth decay, trauma of tooth, gum disease, and also gingivitis are various causes of abscess dental. Those problems will allow bacteria to enter through your tooth enamel. They will infect the pulp, which is the center of the teeth; the bacteria can spread from the root to the bones that support the teeth.

Symptoms and How to diagnose it

Sharp pain is common symptoms you will get when having abscess tooth, while other that may follow are bitter taste in mouth, swelling area on lower or upper jaw, pain when chewing, fever, redness at gums, open sire at the side of teeth gum, swollen neck glands also may happen, and the last common symptoms is sensitivity of your teeth to cold or hot liquids and foods. If the infection is not treated well, it can spread and keep growing, and finally can affect to tissue. Further and worsen disease may happen.

Dentist will check the infection by examining your mouth. They will push the swollen area on your teeth gum, and do a pulp test to see whether or not the bacteria is still active, and the tooth is still alive or not. The pulp test will cover these three things, tapping on your mouth, temperature testing, and also examination with electric tester. X-ray examination is sometimes also done to see the lose bones of your teeth. When the dentist tap on your tooth and you feel pain, it means something. They sometimes also ask you to close the mouth very tight, and when the pain increases, this can be meant as abscess tooth. Red and swollen gums also give a sign for a dentist to see that you have this problem.


Antibiotics are needed to kill the bacteria and the infections. Your doctor may also suggest you to rinse regularly your teeth with warm water mixed with salt water for several days. This is also used for calming your gum and teeth. The last treatment done by the dentist is removing diseased tissue, to prevent infections spread from the abscess tooth.

Oct 11

3 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

laser-and-dental-technoCosmetic dentistry refers to any of a number of dental procedures that are carried out by an orthodontist, with the aim of improving the appearance of the teeth (not necessarily the function). Some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth straightening, crowns and dental veneers, have a functional benefit as well, and do improve the functioning of the teeth. There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures that are available today in many dentists clinics in everywhere. Some of these include dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, dental bridges, bonding, accelerated orthodontics and gum lifts. These are offered by many cosmetic dentists in Essex.

 Accelerated Orthodontics

  This is a relatively new cosmetic dentistry procedure. Accelerated orthodontics is a procedure that uses periodontal and orthodontic techniques. This procedure addresses the closing of gaps, spacing and straightening, as well as repositioning of the front teeth. The results of this procedure can be seen in a short space of time, usually 3-8 months. The procedure is normally performed by a team of specialists. The actual procedure only causes minor discomfort. Your cosmetic dentists will advise you to wear a retainer after the procedure is complete, to ensure that the teeth stay in a fixed position. The major advantage of this procedure is that it is much faster than traditional braces. The disadvantage is that in the case of overcrowded teeth, there is usually a need to trim them down. Some cosmetic dentists in Essex perform this procedure.

  Cosmetic Gum Surgery

 This is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure. The gums hold the teeth in place. Weakened or diseased gums result in loose teeth, and in more severe cases can lead to loss of teeth. In cosmetic gum surgery, the length of the teeth is increased in order to reduce what is commonly referred to as a gummy smile. The reverse of a gummy smile is a condition known as long in the tooth smile, where the teeth are unusually large, normally as a result of the gums eroding with age. Cosmetic gum surgery can be done to correct both anomalies, and is available in many dentists clinics in Essex.

  Full Mouth Reconstruction

 A full mouth reconstruction is done to correct several functional anomalies related to the bite, jawbone structure, teeth and jaw muscles. A full mouth reconstruction thus addresses several dental problems simultaneously.

 Your cosmetic dentist will decide which procedure can best solve your problem.
Whatever dental procedure you opt for, it is important to remember that good oral hygiene and a good diet is very important for maintaining your teeth in great shape. The durability of most cosmetic dentistry procedures is determined by the patients level of oral hygiene.

Oct 07

Tooth Extraction: Before and After

extraction-of-toothTooth extraction is one that the dentists do for curing problem on your teeth. The reasons to do it are various and also the hopes after extracting the teeth. At least, there are four things that make your dentists pull a tooth from your mouth. Crowded mouth is one reason why the dentist pulls teeth. If the tooth is too big to be in your mouth, they will pull it out, of course with various considerations. Or when the tooth cannot erupt, the dentist will also do tooth extraction. Another thing is teeth infection. Extracting teeth is one way to prevent the spread of the infection. When the infection has not coming yet, for those who have high risk of infection is one of reasons the dentists do extracting. The last one is gum disease, an infection of bones and teeth tissues.

What to Do before Pulling Teeth

Tooth extraction today is very safe, but there are some things to note here. The procedure may trigger bacteria into your bloodstream, infections on gum tissue may also happen. To prevent this thing happens, tell your whole medical history, the supplements or medications you do, and also the antibiotics allergies you may have. Antibiotics will be used before and after the extraction. Tell them also if you have health problem below, liver disease, heart defect, damaged heart valves, problem with immune system, and also having history of having bacterial endocarditis.

What to Do after Extraction

Painkillers are given by the dentist after the extraction, they also give you gauze pad that you need to bite gently yet firmly to stop and reduce the bleeding. Change the pad when it is already soaked in blood. Put the pad after the extraction for three until four hours. Applying ice bag to prevent swelling is also great idea. Avoid rinsing your mouth in 24 hours, after one day then rinsing the mouth with mixture of salt and warm water. When the extraction gets better, floss and brush your teeth regularly, but still avoid the extraction part. This is done to prevent infection. Make yourself relax for one day, limit the activities you do. Within a day, avoid drinking from straw as well, avoiding smoking since it can inhibit the healing. Eating soft food for several days will help your healing. Do this to fasten the healing of tooth extraction.

Oct 03

Which should consider teeth whitening methods

Dental hygiene is a part of everyday life in mingle with people. Almost every day you will come in contact with people. It is important to take precautions to make yourself as comfortable as possible for all the teeth. No one wants to smell the rotten sequence and then follow the smell to you. Big turn to other people to talk to someone with yellow teeth or stained. Of course, we have to look at the eyes of the person, but it’s only human nature to our wondering eyes and notice things like that. You do not just want your teeth look white, but also be as healthy as possible.

Sometimes even with good hygiene, your teeth do not look glamorous as it should. There are several methods that can be used to make your teeth a little whiter. The main one is buying teeth whitening product from a retail store, which is the most common choice. One such option is to bleach the teeth there are 2 methods at-home whitening trays for teeth whitening. And secondly, require mold of your teeth, both from a dental laboratory, or boil and bite tray, made by you. In the process of home bleaching gel system tray placed on your teeth molding, the molding is placed in your mouth around your teeth up to a few hours and should be done every day for as long as it takes to get white teeth.

Another choice is to get a teeth whitening with the help of a dentist. During a chair-side whitening bleaching agent is very strong, and the possibility of using lasers. The dentist will then proceed to clean teeth and remove plaque with a sandy material. A gel is then applied after cleansing. A laser can be used in the gel to aid the process of bleaching. Laser bleaching is not done, but only the release of chemicals in the gel, which will clean and whiten teeth. The whole process usually takes 30 minutes, but can last for one hour.

In addition to visiting the dentist and use a home kit tray, there are also over the counter way to make it a bright smile. Products such as Whitening strips can also be used. However, this method tends to be much more effective than the tray home or chair-side whitening method.

If you find yourself having to do this teeth whitening, ask yourself why it has come to this. Are you taking care of your teeth? What makes them so yellow, or stained? Remember that the time it takes to get white teeth will depend on the color you started. If you start with a heavily stained teeth, then you have quite a lot of work to do. After considering teeth whitening is done to take care of your teeth. If you do not, you may have to do so again in the future and depending on the method, it may be a real pain. When this process is completed, not only will your teeth become whiter, but can build your confidence.

Sep 28

The consequences of not treating tooth cavities

Almost everyone gets at least one tooth cavity throughout the course of their lives. Although unpleasant, getting tooth cavity almost always certainly require a visit to the dentist. However, because many people have a phobia of going to the dentist, they are not always readcavity_tooth_fillingy to have tooth cavity filled. It may not seem like a big deal, but missed the actual filling has a lasting impact and can have very serious consequences. If you are scheduled to fill tooth cavity in the near future and cancel the appointment. This is why you do not have to cancel an appointment to fill the cavity of your teeth.

 Tooth cavity Can Turn to Root Canals
If left untreated, tooth cavity has the potential to turn into a root canal. How can? If a dental cavity is left unfilled / untreated, increases the chance of tooth infection. When an infection makes its way into the root of the tooth, a root canal is needed. Reason dental cavities are filled to prevent any infection from making its way to the root of the tooth. By having a tooth cavity filled, you prevent the risk of further infection. Your mouth is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria; This makes your teeth susceptible to severe infections. Rather than undergo the pain associated with root canal, just go to the dentist and have your teeth cavity filled. You will save a lot of grief and money in the long run by doing so.

 Teeth Can Crack or Chip
Each tooth that requires filling cavities already inherently weak; because of this, it is also a high risk of cracking or chipping. A loose filling cavities can help keep teeth strong, and may help protect against outside influences such as grinding or very difficult and sticky foods. When a tooth cracks or chips, open cavity in the tooth for an infection. And, as mentioned earlier, when the infection is allowed to ferment in the teeth, almost always leads to the required root canal (or sometimes the complete extraction of the tooth). Instead of endangering the health of your teeth and damage the teeth, just have your teeth cavity filled. A tooth cavity filling is simple, painless dental procedures that harm the health your teeth.

Sep 21

The dentist brings smile on all face without fear

 Some people worry about going to the dentist because they found the visits to them as painful traumatic and frightening. But with everything that changed in the world, dentists and care they have gone to a new level. The dentist wants people to feel comfortable without fear when they walk into the clinic. The staff and physicians are committed to providing appropriate services and treatment for families with superior standard oral care in the city. The services are made up of all the innumerable him oral health problems. They have seen patients who come from all over the place here. Services range from teeth whitening, routine dental check-up and cleaning, braces, cosmetic veneers, bridges and implants for cosmetic and other medical procedures that are important in improving oral health and appearance.

 No need to worry if there are concerns persist as to what treatment to choose and what the best procedure, a dentist appointment would resolve all doubts and give you an idea of what the appropriate treatments and procedures will be the best. The dentist experienced cosmetic dentist, orthodontist and family dentist who is very knowledgeable in their area of practice. They are dentists and more important are friends to all people have a phobia of dental care. They also come with a convenient treatment that is painful. They use a mix of advanced techniques for patients to enjoy the longevity of oral care and health. The dentist understands the importance smiled broadly and when people hold back a smile because of irregularities in the teeth or other problems, they ensure all the benefits of treatment.

The dentist here is able to understand the individual requirements of dental health and values of the most entertaining for them. Some stay away from the dentist because they are anxious and fear the dentist. So for such people, they have come out with creative techniques and methods to make their visit as pleasant as possible. Creative methods to include listening to soothing music just to create a cosy atmosphere. For people who do not like to see a dentist as well, they have a choice as sedation treatment is painful to have a relaxing experience with a dentist. Superior level of oral dental care with a mixture of positive experiences is what the dentist tuned for each patient they are in your town.

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