Feb 02

Laser Teeth Whitening Smile Makeover

Cosmetic and family dentists are offering more than quality dental care to the residents of Portland and Gorham. They’re boosting the beauty of our area one smile at a time. With the rush of residents to their cosmetic and family dentist for laser teeth whitening, Portland will soon be known as Maine’s smiling city.

 There could be nothing more beautiful than the smile and laughter of a child. This area is blessed with young, healthy teeth that are bright and white. As we grow older, however, our teeth change and we generally stop smiling as openheartedly as we did as youngsters. Maine’s cosmetic dentists can restore the beauty of your smile by whitening your teeth. Using the power of light technology, light emitting diodes (LED) are potent tools in quickly and effectively whitening teeth by several shades. Sometimes known as laser teeth whitening, the technique actually does not involve lasers. Instead, LED technology is used to direct high intensity light at the teeth while the surrounding tissue remains protected and unaffected.

 Maine family and cosmetic dentists know that there are many reasons for tooth discoloration. Drug side effects, tooth enamel problems and the natural aging of the teeth can cause teeth to appear brown or yellow. Additionally, Some people experience discoloration because of staining of the dentine layer of the tooth. Tooth enamel has millions of tiny pores. Gradually, particles from tobacco, foods, drinks such as wine and coffee, and other chemicals can penetrate these pores and stain the dentine layer. To effectively whiten the tooth, the dentine layer must be reached.

  Using “laser dentistry” as LED treatments are commonly known, cosmetic and family dentists in Portland, use intense light beams to force oxygen through the pores in the enamel to the dentine layer. The oxygen is able to act on the surface of the dentine to remove the staining particles left there over the years. The process is brief and can be done within a half-hour to one hour appointment window. Best of all, LED whitening is painless. Patients leave their dentist’s office with a significantly whiter and brighter smile.

  If the idea of any dental procedure makes you anxious, you should know that cosmetic and family dentists are also trained and licensed as sedation dentists. Sedation dentistry does not necessarily mean you are put to sleep. Instead, your cosmetoc dentist in Portland, can administer medications to make you more comfortable and relaxed during any dental procedure. Don’t let fear of pain and discomfort keep you from laser teeth whitening procedures that can improve your appearance.

  Smile! Whiter, brighter, youthful, healthy looking smiles are obtainable from your Maine cosmetic and family dentists. Why wait if you can schedule your appointment today?