Dec 28

Finally Being Able to Afford the Smile I Have Always Wanted to Have

My wife had been putting away some money for about a year. Every extra nickel went into a savings fund. I was completely unaware of it. It was for me to get my smile fixed. Over the years diabetes had caused me to lose several teeth. Root canals failed, and I reached a point I just wanted dentures. However, the extractions and dentures would be several thousand dollars to have it done right. I did not want the cheapest dentures I could get. I wanted a natural look, and there was a Fremont dentist I knew that could make my smile look good again.

I had lost two front teeth on my lower jaw, and it was plain as day when I talked. I tried to not be expressive when I talked in order to try and hide it. I was always uncomfortable speaking face to face with someone. I felt ugly around my wife, even though she never looked at me in the way I felt. My wife knew that my smile was really bothering me. My teeth looked bad, and I really wanted them fixed. But without insurance to cover a portion of the cost, the whole thing was on us. I could have taken out a loan, but I did not want another bill to pay. So, I just let it go. I was like that for two years when she surprised me with the full amount of money i needed to get dentures that would attach to implants.

I had no idea she had been saving for them. The dentures I was getting would not fall out, and the lower plate would not flop around. The upper and lower dentures would attach to implants in the bone. The dentist told me that even being a diabetic, the implants would do well. I had been in good control for a couple of years, and that even made success more likely. I got my dentures, and now have that smile I have always wanted to have.