Dec 04

Do I Need To Use A Dentist?

Why use a Dentist

family-dentistryMany people ask; I do not have pain in my teeth, why do I need to use a dentist? However they are far from the truth as a Dentist in Queens does more than fix problems after their occurrence. They play a vital role in maintaining good oral health and see to the prevention of painful problems occurring in future. Most of the people will tell you it is out the fear they have that they fail to book an appointment with the dentist. One of the biggest reasons to pay a visit to the dentist is to keep teeth in good condition. During routine check up a dental hygienist is able to thoroughly clean the teeth as they can get in between teeth much better than when dental care is done at home.

Take this scenario:
A person has extreme fear of seeking to use a dentist; they live with it, thinking that they are safe. Then one day an old filing that was filled around five years ago falls out and instead of just getting cavities filled, they end up getting an emergency fix of several root canals and a few crowns. This calls for more dental work than would have being necessary if they had attended routine checkups at least once or twice a year. The end result is the process becomes more expensive in the long run and sometimes one may feel miserable from all the operation they require.

Scenario 2: Cavities
It is obvious that you cannot see the teeth in the back of your mouth. If a cavity or an infection developed you wouldn’t have an idea till it got so bad that it gave extreme pain. Most probably, if a cavity is paining, this means it has gotten to the root of the tooth where the nerves are. Is it too late to go see a dentist? Going to the dentist regularly helps one in avoiding high risk dental infections. Cavities are not only painful but are possibly dangerous for you. The infection can lead to septicemia if it spreads to the bloodstream. Early detection saves the patient pain, money and other serious health problems that may arise.

Oral surgeons
These are professional in oral surgery which is a recognized specialty in dentistry. They deal with the diagnosis, surgical and consultation about treatment of various diseases, injuries and different defects affecting both the aesthetic and functional features of both the soft and hard tissues of the head, mouth, jaws, gums, teeth and the neck. Take for instance you got involved in an auto accidents and one of your jaws got disfigured. Who do you consult? The specialists’ area of expertise includes but not limited to: corrective jaw surgery, removal of the wisdom teeth, dental implants, facial trauma, oral pathology, osseous tissue surgery, anesthesia and bone grafts.  Rest assure that dentists are worth the money.

During pregnancy

Basically, pregnant women experience hormonal changes which at times lead to increase of developing gum diseases are known to affect the health development of the baby. Opting to use a dentist before getting pregnant can help in getting professional cleaning of the gum tissue, careful examination and early treatment of any problems that are oral health related that may arise. It is always advisable to be open to your dentist about your pregnancy although most of them will ask you, also provide them with names of any medication that you may be in taking  This includes medicines or any other prenatal vitamin prescriptions that you may have: many people will think; why is it so important? Certain drugs such as tetracycline have being known to have various side effects to the development of children’s teeth, therefore should be avoided during pregnancy and must mention it as you use a dentist.


This is a condition experienced by pregnant women where they suffer from bleeding gums. Tenderness, bleeding or swelling of the gums are some of the conditions one may experience during pregnancy. This makes keeping your dental checkup appointments more important than ever as well as getting regular gum examinations.
Almost all pregnant women will experience morning sickness in their earlier stages of pregnancy and sometimes this keeps them from brushing their teeth. As you use a dentist to help you choose the best recommended tooth paste is both a wise move as well as it will prevent any future problems that may arise.