Dec 30

Cure and Symptoms your Tooth Infection

Abscess can happen is some parts of body, skin, genital, or even teeth. Just like another disease that happens, teeth abscess will put you to stressful condition.

tooth-infectionTooth infection is different from gum infection. Sometimes we are mistaken with this thing. The source of its infection is different and also its location. Tooth infection is from the pulp of the teeth, the tooth’s apex is exited out at the bottom of tooth’s root, while gum infection happens in gum pocket, which is outside the tooth. The treatment for these two infections is also different each other.

Cause and Symptoms

The growth of bacteria is the main trigger of this disease. The bacteria will grow at the soft tissue and to the bones of neck and face from the existing cavity. Not appropriate dental care to the infected tooth, poor hygiene especially for dental health is two reasons to cause cavities forming in your tooth. If it is not treated well, tooth infection can spread to gums, and create a painful abscess. The symptoms if you have this problem are redness on face or mouth, swelling, and also pain. Some worst infection will bring you to diarrhea, vomiting, chills, nausea, and also fever. Pus drainage, oral swelling, cavities, difficulty in opening mouth or when swallowing, gum inflammation are some other things you will experience when having tooth infection.

Complication may happen when it is not treated well. Bacteria in cavity can spread to the throat, gums, tongue, even to your facial bones. When the issue inflame, it will be very painful. If the infection leads you to swelling which blocks airway, then you will find difficulty in breathing.

Preventive action can be done to lessen a chance of further disease. Regular brushing and flossing will prevent it, besides avoiding consuming alcohol and smoke. Do regular check to dentist, to see whether there is decay or not, when the problem found early, it will not lead you to painful disease.


Whenever you feel the pain, take painkillers that commonly found at home, like paracetamol and ibuprofen. Yet, remember that this does not cure your real problem. Another way to do is by cleansing your mouth with warm water mixes with salt. Rinsing the mouth with baking soda is also common, if you have tea bag, put the moist one to your tooth and compress for a while. That is what you can do to reduce the pain, but it is only dentists who can cure your tooth infection.