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  2. Are dental implants better than dentures — April 14, 2017
  3. Teeth Bleaching: Key to Success for teeth whitening — April 3, 2017
  4. Different Types of Dental Problem in Your Teeth — March 18, 2017
  5. How to Choose Oral Dental — March 10, 2017

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Apr 24

Tooth Pain and Its Home Remedies


Tooth pain is various. Sometimes it is not only tooth that need to be cured. Pain in teeth can be a sign of other kinds of disease or health condition. Thus, though it looks very simple, do not ever neglect every pain you have in teeth. The pains you feel can be a sign of …

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Apr 14

Are dental implants better than dentures

Dental implants are one of the best treatments compared with dentures and a dental bridge. Most people prefer this treatment because they are successful and attractive. By getting dental implants, no one can tell you have false teeth because with the help of the latest technology you can talk and eat as if you have …

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Apr 03

Teeth Bleaching: Key to Success for teeth whitening

teeth whitening_trays-custom

Did you know that there are two kinds of Tray Teeth Whitening? Namely that there are Custom and Standard Custom teeth whitening trays that are installed on your teeth undergo a two-step process. This is a guide you can use if you are not sure about the quality teeth whitening kit you are considering buying. …

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Mar 18

Different Types of Dental Problem in Your Teeth

Gums Disease is often a warning of something serious problem, a warning that your body is disagreeable to better itself. Cardinal statesman signs of extravasations gums are: swollen, traumatic or responsive gums; blisters around the gums; appearance of the gums; and the trauma itself that occurs around the compound of the teeth. Regular Dental Check …

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Mar 10

How to Choose Oral Dental

Don’t wait until teeth pain is coming then you go to dentist. You can’t enjoy tasty food during holiday if you have toothache. If you plan for spending holiday in Egypt, you should take time to visit the dental service which has good service and give cheap price. Make sure that you understand the common …

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Mar 02

5 Causes and Treatment of Bad Breath (Halitosis)


  Halitosis or bad breath is a condition that affects the general public up to 35% of the population in various circles. Halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene conditions, infections of the mouth, gums and mouth disorders, food and drinks, constipation and medication. It can be cured through proper diagnosis and treatment. Halitosis …

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Feb 02

Laser Teeth Whitening Smile Makeover

Cosmetic and family dentists are offering more than quality dental care to the residents of Portland and Gorham. They’re boosting the beauty of our area one smile at a time. With the rush of residents to their cosmetic and family dentist for laser teeth whitening, Portland will soon be known as Maine’s smiling city.  There …

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Jan 16

Children Use A Dentist

Sometimes, children have a condition where they have fear of everything that might cause them pain. This includes that visit to use a dentist where they are told to open their mouth and the specialist inserts something into their mouth. Many a times they lose trust and confidence in these professionals and persuading them to …

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