Oct 11

3 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

laser-and-dental-technoCosmetic dentistry refers to any of a number of dental procedures that are carried out by an orthodontist, with the aim of improving the appearance of the teeth (not necessarily the function). Some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth straightening, crowns and dental veneers, have a functional benefit as well, and do improve the functioning of the teeth. There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures that are available today in many dentists clinics in everywhere. Some of these include dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, dental bridges, bonding, accelerated orthodontics and gum lifts. These are offered by many cosmetic dentists in Essex.

 Accelerated Orthodontics

  This is a relatively new cosmetic dentistry procedure. Accelerated orthodontics is a procedure that uses periodontal and orthodontic techniques. This procedure addresses the closing of gaps, spacing and straightening, as well as repositioning of the front teeth. The results of this procedure can be seen in a short space of time, usually 3-8 months. The procedure is normally performed by a team of specialists. The actual procedure only causes minor discomfort. Your cosmetic dentists will advise you to wear a retainer after the procedure is complete, to ensure that the teeth stay in a fixed position. The major advantage of this procedure is that it is much faster than traditional braces. The disadvantage is that in the case of overcrowded teeth, there is usually a need to trim them down. Some cosmetic dentists in Essex perform this procedure.

  Cosmetic Gum Surgery

 This is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure. The gums hold the teeth in place. Weakened or diseased gums result in loose teeth, and in more severe cases can lead to loss of teeth. In cosmetic gum surgery, the length of the teeth is increased in order to reduce what is commonly referred to as a gummy smile. The reverse of a gummy smile is a condition known as long in the tooth smile, where the teeth are unusually large, normally as a result of the gums eroding with age. Cosmetic gum surgery can be done to correct both anomalies, and is available in many dentists clinics in Essex.

  Full Mouth Reconstruction

 A full mouth reconstruction is done to correct several functional anomalies related to the bite, jawbone structure, teeth and jaw muscles. A full mouth reconstruction thus addresses several dental problems simultaneously.

 Your cosmetic dentist will decide which procedure can best solve your problem.
Whatever dental procedure you opt for, it is important to remember that good oral hygiene and a good diet is very important for maintaining your teeth in great shape. The durability of most cosmetic dentistry procedures is determined by the patients level of oral hygiene.