Monthly Archive: September 2016

Sep 28

The consequences of not treating tooth cavities


Almost everyone gets at least one tooth cavity throughout the course of their lives. Although unpleasant, getting tooth cavity almost always certainly require a visit to the dentist. However, because many people have a phobia of going to the dentist, they are not always ready to have tooth cavity filled. It may not seem like …

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Sep 21

The dentist brings smile on all face without fear

Some people worry about going to the dentist because they found the visits to them as painful traumatic and frightening. But with everything that changed in the world, dentists and care they have gone to a new level. The dentist wants people to feel comfortable without fear when they walk into the clinic. The staff …

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Sep 15

Placement Braces: Is It hurts even so bad?


Placement and treatment of braces varies depending on factors such as: age, position of the teeth, bone structure of teeth, oral health, and aesthetic desires. Now with new materials and techniques that make them more comfortable and aesthetically. There are a few lucky ones who can feel proud to have the straight smile, white and …

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Sep 04

Teeth with Braces Color: Tips and Steps to Choose


Teeth with braces are various, we used to have traditional braces and today we have ceramic one with various kinds of color. Something that is very interesting for teenagers today. Teeth with braces color is interesting, teenagers sometimes use it as cosmetics than for curing problem on teeth. There are at least four kinds of …

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