Dec 28

Finally Being Able to Afford the Smile I Have Always Wanted to Have

My wife had been putting away some money for about a year. Every extra nickel went into a savings fund. I was completely unaware of it. It was for me to get my smile fixed. Over the years diabetes had caused me to lose several teeth. Root canals failed, and I reached a point I just wanted dentures. However, the extractions and dentures would be several thousand dollars to have it done right. I did not want the cheapest dentures I could get. I wanted a natural look, and there was a Fremont dentist I knew that could make my smile look good again.

I had lost two front teeth on my lower jaw, and it was plain as day when I talked. I tried to not be expressive when I talked in order to try and hide it. I was always uncomfortable speaking face to face with someone. I felt ugly around my wife, even though she never looked at me in the way I felt. My wife knew that my smile was really bothering me. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 24

Tooth Pain and Its Home Remedies

Home-Remedies-for-Teeth-PainTooth pain is various. Sometimes it is not only tooth that need to be cured. Pain in teeth can be a sign of other kinds of disease or health condition. Thus, though it looks very simple, do not ever neglect every pain you have in teeth. The pains you feel can be a sign of gum disease, injury, infection, cracked teeth, and also fillings problem or crowns. Preventive actions are always available, brushing and flossing are two common ways we can do. Regular check to dentist is also important to check whether there is hidden problem or not.

Tooth Pains

First problem that is common to have is teeth sensitivity to too cold or too hot food and beverages. For those who experience this, check your teeth immediately. Possible causes are exposed roots, or loose filling, or there is decayed area in tooth, and also toothbrush abrasion. After dental treatment, you may also have sensitive teeth. This is caused by the inflammation on your pulp tissues which lies inside the tooth. Third problem or tooth pain commonly found is pain when biting food. This is cause by the loose filling or decay, or there is cracked on your tooth. The tooth pain you feel sometimes also comes from the upper part of teeth, near the sinus. For those who have this, check immediately the pain you feel, since it may have something to do with sinus problem.

Tooth Pain Home Remedies

For those who have sensitive skin, regular brushing is a must. Yet, do it maximum twice a day. Use soft brush with toothpaste that is special for sensitive skin. You also can rub the toothpaste to your skin for several minutes to lessen the pain. See doctors if those ways do not work. There are several ways for reducing tooth pain that you can have at home. These ways only reduce the pain. One way is by using clove oil. This is popular for curing and lessens the pain you have. Clove is great as anesthetic properties to fight infection and lessen the pain. It has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agent. For those who have germs infection, consuming onions is great way to do. The anti-microbial agent will help to kill the germs. The last is using asafetida, for those who have bleeding gums. Try these ways for reducing you tooth pain.

Apr 14

Are dental implants better than dentures

Dental implants are one of the best treatments compared with dentures and a dental bridge. Most people prefer this treatment because they are successful and attractive. By getting dental implants, no one can tell you have false teeth because with the help of the latest technology you can talk and eat as if you have your natural teeth. The best thing is that you do not need to remove the implant and you can clean them easily as your real teeth.

How an dental implant is placed
Before getting dental implants, you should make sure the dentist is qualified and has many years of experience in the field of dentistry. Remember the process will take time but you will have a permanent solution for missing teeth. In this process the hole made in the jaw where the titanium screw is placed and then it takes two to three months for the new bone to grow around it. Artificial tooth is attached to the screw.

Advantages of dental implant placement
The success rate of implants in the upper jaw is approximately 90% and 95% below the jaw. Smokers have a lower success rate. This is a permanent solution for missing teeth and there are many advantages to getting implants. One of the main advantages of dental implants is that there is no need of deletion, relining and replacement periodically for cleaning. You can prevent gum disease by flossing and brushing. Another advantage of implants is that cavities can not happen. And finally they not only look like real teeth but they also function like natural teeth.

The primary function of dental implants is to give a new look to your teeth and restore your beautiful and natural smile. They are very durable and durable.
There are three types of implants:
1. Subperiosteal: In a certain type of implant you may need some surgery.
2. Form of the roots: It is made of titanium screws that are placed in the jaw to support artificial teeth and also to support full or partial dentures.
3. Forms of pasta: It is another form of implants, but they were not able to hold the screw securely. Therefore, it is not very popular among the people.
So if you are looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth and wanted something close to your natural teeth then remember dental implants are the best way to go.

Apr 03

Teeth Bleaching: Key to Success for teeth whitening

Did you know that there are two kinds of Tray Teeth Whitening? Namely that there are Custom and Standard

teeth whitening_trays-customCustom teeth whitening trays that are installed on your teeth undergo a two-step process. This is a guide you can use if you are not sure about the quality teeth whitening kit you are considering buying. While not always true, the higher the quality teeth whitening tray, residual products and get included also must be of the same high quality. Why manufacturers through the effort and expense to see that the teeth trays are suitable only use low quality teeth whitening gel? The answer of course is that they probably would not risk their reputation on low-quality materials.

A simple example, high quality teeth whitening kit contains material for taking an impression or mold of your teeth. This mold is then sent to a laboratory that really make a custom tray teeth whitening. Typically, this step can be completed in about a week. and do not worry if you mess up the printing process. A quick call to any high quality company and they will send replacement material out free! The problem is that high quality companies know that if you are satisfied with our products and service, they have earned long-term customers and goodwill. If you are happy, most likely you will tell others about how good the product is and everyone will benefit.

Custom trays are uncomfortable because they are made to fit the mouth and teeth. This is similar to the teeth guard is made for people who grind their teeth at night. Very soft material used and it makes teeth whitening firm covering your teeth for maximum effectiveness. This is the most important element in the success of teeth bleaching whether at home or carried out via the dentist.

Many products offer thermoform tray types. It is like teeth and mouth guards are found in drug stores common for high school kids. It is a matter of standard trays that get the job done, but not the most comfortable to wear. It may not be quite comfortable for long time use for hours or overnight. Still if the price is an object, thermoform tray bleaching can be successfully used, even though they know will not be comfortable. This type of tray may even need to be trimmed with scissors just a better fit and cover your teeth.

The bottom line is that once completed, your new white smile will last up to one year. Less efficient if you’re a coffee drinker or a smoker but with your own teeth whitening trays, it is just a matter to only use them once a month or so to keep your teeth looking for the best. After a month of care can keep your teeth and a bright smile and restrict stains caused by foods and drinks that damage teeth white.

Mar 18

Different Types of Dental Problem in Your Teeth

Gums Disease is often a warning of something serious problem, a warning that your body is disagreeable to better itself. Cardinal statesman signs of extravasations gums are: swollen, traumatic or responsive gums; blisters around the gums; appearance of the gums; and the trauma itself that occurs around the compound of the teeth.

Regular Dental Check Ups are important as it allows any problems to be detected and treated before they cause any permanent damage to your teeth and mouth. You will also receive advice on the best things to do to ensure that your mouth is in the best possible condition. As part of your Dental Check-up our morgan hill dentist will examine your teeth, gums and may take several small X-rays. Should you require further dental treatment, our dentists will discuss with you treatment options and costs.

List of Oral Problems Occur In Your Teeth

  1. Bad Breath
    2. Tooth Decay
    3. Gum Disease
    4. Oral Cancer
    5. Mouth Sores
    6. Tooth Erosion
    7. Tooth Sensitivity
    8. Toothaches and Dental Emergency

We providing the tips when choosing a dental clinic giving render protected you channelize one that’s fit to humor all your run and ornamental dental needs. Because deontology is vigorous the telling between dentist and comfortable as few as magnetic responsibility of set, gain the reactions one mature tired ability discharge you instant and money.

Tips for Keep Your Teeth Healthy

  1. Skirmishing Plaque
    2. Flossing after Meals
    3. Clean Your Tongue
    4. Visit your dentist at least twice a year
    5. Stop snacking and chew on gum
    6. Drink more water

Dental clinic provides a service, ranging from grin enhancement to teeth contouring, set replacement and whitening. Notwithstanding, the attribute of results present depend mostly on the skillfulness and subject know-how of the chosen clinic. Using the services of a reputed dental clinic with intimate dentists can result you with a graceful grin and keen buckle hygiene. Also ensure that the dental clinic you select is connected to the county eudemonia section, or are reputed dental colleges or confidential establishments.

Many parents uncovering very difficult abstraction deciding how to occupy dental care of their kids. They are amazement nigh the optimal distance of dental like of their children and also to prevent cavities. Remember, Care always begins at home, with good oral hygiene routine and eating habits.

As bacterium build up at the found of your set, you may virtuous observance a lowercase bleeding when you touching. But as the microbes manifold, they weaken gum tissue, feeding into underlying ligaments and bone that book teeth in residence. Bacterium may also get into your bloodstream, growing your chance of courageousness disease, diabetes, and added conditions.

Mar 10

How to Choose Oral Dental

Don’t wait until teeth pain is coming then you go to dentist. You can’t enjoy tasty food during holiday if you have toothache. If you plan for spending holiday in Egypt, you should take time to visit the dental service which has good service and give cheap price. Make sure that you understand the common procedure like making an appointment, cleaning teeth program, having therapy for root canal. Not only that. You also understand about surgery treatment for your valuable teeth.

Primadent is the best dental service for all teeth problems. You can accurate diagnosis and right treatment plan. If your teeth need to be whiten, so you don’t need to be worry doing this treatment during holiday. Many people are afraid with pain treatment, but here you can get personal comfort. You will get personal treatment, especially if you have teeth infection. Don’t worry to ask the things that you are unsure. For instance: how long the treatment should be done for oral surgery. This is to prepare the cost, mental and also time to follow the steps. Furthermore, you also need to know about the maintenance of teeth after surgery.

Don’t be fear during surgery since you are using pain medicine where you don’t feel any painful during the process. Think about the benefit that you get after having surgery. Here, you can get high technology for surgery to minimize the bleeding. If you are afraid with abundant cost, you can cover with insurance. This will give you a peace of mind that holiday and dental service will not make you empty all bank account. If necessary, you can ask for friend recommendation which has similar experience to ensure that you are not paying too high. Hence, holiday is necessary, but healthy teeth will make you smile all the time.

Mar 02

5 Causes and Treatment of Bad Breath (Halitosis)


bad-breathHalitosis or bad breath is a condition that affects the general public up to 35% of the population in various circles. Halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene conditions, infections of the mouth, gums and mouth disorders, food and drinks, constipation and medication. It can be cured through proper diagnosis and treatment.

Halitosis is usually caused by oral bacteria and as a result, release unpleasant odors. Rarely maintain oral hygiene, such as brushing or flossing your teeth, allowing the developing of oral bacteria. leftovers rotting in the mouth and between the teeth can cause bad odor too. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing can take away food leftovers in the mouth and between the teeth.

  1. Mouth disorders such as gum disease and tooth decay can also cause halitosis. To fight bad breath caused by gum and tooth problems, consult with your dentist and have the problem sorted out. Halitosis caused by mouth infection (sore mouth) and throat infections (tonsillitis and sore throat) will be lost when the infection is cured

2. In addition, the food and beverages we consume through the mouth can cause bad breath. Raw garlic can leave pungent odor and may blend in with the breath. The same applies to alcoholic beverages and cigars / cigarettes. Chewing gum and candy menthol flavor can help to sweeten breath and mask the smell.

Food allergy or intolerance can cause bad breath. Feeling bloated and full all the time as your stomach creates gas, which, withdraws in your mouth, causing odor. The best solution is to avoid the food that causes allergy symptoms.

3. Patients with constipation may also cause halitosis. Waste in the stomach build up in the body can cause back production of gas that are being eliminated through the breath. Bad breath caused by constipation should disappear when passing stools became normal. Diets high in fiber helps bowel to function regularly. Patients should exercise regularly and drink plenty of water.

4. Medication can also induce bad breath because of the chemicals in some medications. Patients undergoing long-term treatment can request a doctor’s advice if it would be possible to get a replacement drug. For patients in the short-term treatment, chewing parsley or mint to sweeten the breath seems to be a better solution.

5. Sleeping with open mouth also cause halitosis. This can be observed if your breath is worst in the morning after waking up. Open mouth reduces saliva which freshens your mouth and therefore encourages bad breath to develop. If your nasal problems that cause you breath through your mouth, you need to see your doctor for some advice.

Feb 02

Laser Teeth Whitening Smile Makeover

Cosmetic and family dentists are offering more than quality dental care to the residents of Portland and Gorham. They’re boosting the beauty of our area one smile at a time. With the rush of residents to their cosmetic and family dentist for laser teeth whitening, Portland will soon be known as Maine’s smiling city.

 There could be nothing more beautiful than the smile and laughter of a child. This area is blessed with young, healthy teeth that are bright and white. As we grow older, however, our teeth change and we generally stop smiling as openheartedly as we did as youngsters. Maine’s cosmetic dentists can restore the beauty of your smile by whitening your teeth. Using the power of light technology, light emitting diodes (LED) are potent tools in quickly and effectively whitening teeth by several shades. Sometimes known as laser teeth whitening, the technique actually does not involve lasers. Instead, LED technology is used to direct high intensity light at the teeth while the surrounding tissue remains protected and unaffected.

 Maine family and cosmetic dentists know that there are many reasons for tooth discoloration. Drug side effects, tooth enamel problems and the natural aging of the teeth can cause teeth to appear brown or yellow. Additionally, Some people experience discoloration because of staining of the dentine layer of the tooth. Tooth enamel has millions of tiny pores. Gradually, particles from tobacco, foods, drinks such as wine and coffee, and other chemicals can penetrate these pores and stain the dentine layer. To effectively whiten the tooth, the dentine layer must be reached.

  Using “laser dentistry” as LED treatments are commonly known, cosmetic and family dentists in Portland, use intense light beams to force oxygen through the pores in the enamel to the dentine layer. The oxygen is able to act on the surface of the dentine to remove the staining particles left there over the years. The process is brief and can be done within a half-hour to one hour appointment window. Best of all, LED whitening is painless. Patients leave their dentist’s office with a significantly whiter and brighter smile.

  If the idea of any dental procedure makes you anxious, you should know that cosmetic and family dentists are also trained and licensed as sedation dentists. Sedation dentistry does not necessarily mean you are put to sleep. Instead, your cosmetoc dentist in Portland, can administer medications to make you more comfortable and relaxed during any dental procedure. Don’t let fear of pain and discomfort keep you from laser teeth whitening procedures that can improve your appearance.

  Smile! Whiter, brighter, youthful, healthy looking smiles are obtainable from your Maine cosmetic and family dentists. Why wait if you can schedule your appointment today?


Jan 16

Children Use A Dentist

family-dentistrySometimes, children have a condition where they have fear of everything that might cause them pain. This includes that visit to use a dentist where they are told to open their mouth and the specialist inserts something into their mouth. Many a times they lose trust and confidence in these professionals and persuading them to accompany you to use a dentist may be really hectic. Pediatric dentist deals with child psychology where they establish a good relationship with your child and teaches them preventive dental habits all in an effort to make the dental visits more exciting and a thing to look forward to.

Poor oral health care in children can sometimes lead to poor performance in school and make a child despise social relationships.

The specialists’ deals on giving advice on how to excellently take care of the children’s teeth and in maintenance of strong teeth by adopting healthy eating habits. Children need the primary teeth in order to be able to chew properly and therefore maintain good nutrition. The teeth also aid in the development of speech, and maintenance of space for the ultimate growth of permanent teeth.  The professional will look into maintenance of the baby teeth (primary teeth) until they are naturally lost and in promotion of dental health of children as well as equip the parents with resourceful information.

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